About Us

Strepa builds on trust, innovation and the courage to challenge

We want to be a present partner who meets our customers at where they are. We believe that the input, including know how and experience we receive from our customers in a briefing, is the result of the strongest search strategy. We therefore have special focus on the start of the process, and come with alternative angles if this is needed. This ensures that we work together with the most optimal input before letting loose and set our digital search processes in motion.

Our processes are efficient and fast. We respect your time and therefore we "disturb" you least in the course of the process and only in cases where your input is crucial to the outcome. As our customer, we are open to you challenging us, and at the same time it is an advantage if you are curious and have the courage to try new angles to get the best results.

To make a long story short, we expect collaboration where all parties are looking for the best possible result and where we have respect for each other's time and deadlines.

Value Talk - "How we do at Strepa"

Our values set the standard in our decision making processes and general conduct – it is as simple as that.

We work according to a set of ethical standards and values that reflect our working procedure, methods and working relationships with business partners:

  • We are engaged in the relations we enter into and meet our customers and partners with honesty, engagement and respect.

  • We take pride in meeting our agreed deadlines.

  • We always look for an optimal and sustainable solution for both company and candidate and only recommend employment, when we belive that it will be a success for both company and candidate.

Stine Amina Toft

It has always been my passion to inspire those around me to realize their true potential. It may be a company or a person. I feel alive and the most motivated when I am able to inspire people to be excellent at what they do.

In 2004, I started Strepa because I wanted to work more focused with my passion, and use and develop my potential. I have a background in the financial and IT/telecom sector, where I worked several years in management, project management, sales/marketing and HR.

During my time wokring in the consulting industry, I have worked with many inspiring, talented and brave customers ranging from small startups to the largest international companies.

In collaboration with my colleagues, customers and candidates, I have helped to lift many employees, business areas and companies up to a higher level. It is precisely what motivates and drives me, my colleagues, and Strepa's business practices.