For Candidates 

Your time and career are important to us

… and you can expect honesty, respect and constructive feedback.

As our candidate we match you with companies, which reflects your values and ambitions and can contribute to your professional development so you stay passionate and motivated in your job.

We wish to have long and inspirering relationships with our candidates, where you as a candidate want to stay in touch with us.

As we work very hard to find exceptional candidates for exciting companies with solid products and solutions, we do not have the time to meet with you before we have relevant job opportunities:
On the other hand, our ambition is to contact you frequently about this.

If you need sparring regarding career matters, you are more than welcome to contact to learn more about our new placement course.


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Read more about what you can expect from a collaboration here.

Expectations for collaboration

  • Please upload your application and resume in our system, and not directly via e-mail. Otherwise we don’t comply with the GDPR rules and at the same time we risk "forgetting" your resume in an inbox.
  • Describe your personal and professional qualifications, that matches the job you are looking for. Briefly tell exactly what you expect from the job and what you can contribute with personally and professionally. Tell us about previous projects that are relevant to the job we are in dialogue about.
  • If you have experience with systems, programming languages, methods or tools, which are relevant, let's hear about this.
  • Be true about your wishes and expectations for your next job. The more open you are, the better we can match you with the right company.
  • Tell openly about relations in your career you wish had been different and be open about your areas of development.
  • Your professional development - and your own contribution to your success.
  • Tell about your wishes for your professional and personal development - and your expectations to your own and future workplace’s role in this regard.
  • Be clear about your expectations for working hours and salary.
  • Have reference persons ready, who are able to confirm the things you have written in your application and elaborated on during the interview.

Use of references

We regard referencing as a very important part of the recruitment process, as reference your responsibility is:

  • That the reference is available and motivated to spend 10-15 minutes providing feedback on your cooperation with you.
  • Your references should be able to confirm, what you have written in your CV and application.
  • Make your reference aware, that their reference is vital to your career.

Our clients often demand references. We only draw relevant references and only in agreement with you. After all, Denmark is a small country and the word can quickly spread to your current workplace, if you are seeking a new job. Therefore, it is important that you are discrete.

How we use personality tests,
verbal tests and cases


In some situations, at the end of the recruitment process, we will ask you to make a CASE. This will typically be a task you must solve, which already lies within your field of expertise and competence. Here we want to see you in action, and learn more about your thoughts and reflections on the task.


In some cases, we ask you to take a personality test, a verbal test or during a recruitment process.


Your test results are used as a supplement to the recruitment process. We do not have a template on the profile we want to employ, but use the result to learn as much as possible about you, in the short time a recruitment process lasts. We want to hear how you work with your personal and professional strengths and development potential in relation to the tasks to be solved in the upcoming job.


Answer as impulsively as possible. Also answer spontaneously and quickly when in doubt. Your first indictment is usually the right one.

We all have development areas, it's no shame! - And the more open you are about them, the more confident we and your future employer are in terms of hiring you.

Our prerequisites for making the right match for the benefit of you as a candidate are much bigger when we all play with open cards.


These are used to assess your skills in one or more areas that are relevant to the ongoing process for the job. There will always be a detailed guide to these tests.


Social responsibility pays off - also on the bottom line.

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